November 18, 2021 pullnway

Will You Follow Me (Nov26 2021)

New single with Georgia Mos

guuuyys, are y’all readyyy for a new tuune? 🙏🏾🔥

we’re finallyy able to announce that our new collab track “Will you follow me?” by Georgia Mos x Pull n Way is coming out on Nov 26 via EGO MUSIC!

Pre-Save now via this link:

Press Info

Young, beautiful and with something to say. Three adjectives to characterize Georgia Mos and Pull n Way, the two incredible artists who join in their brand new single “Will You Follow Me?”.
Georgia Mos, Italian DJ and producer, began her career in London, refined the technique in New York and then went on stage all over the world from Ibiza to Miami to Cannes, even reaching the East with a tour between India, China and Nepal. In 2018 she was awarded as “Best New Comer Djane” in the ranking of Djane Mag World, returning to the ranking also the years to follow.
Pull n Way is a super young Swiss singer, songwriter and topliner, her musical range oscillates between dance and pop, touching all the nuances of electronic music. With her 23 singles and one album, she has more than a total of 10 million streaming plays and is very popular on Instagram and YouTube
“Will You Follow Me?” and its beautiful twelve-string Spanish guitar riff is ready to be heard…

Here are some cool editorial playlists featuring my new single “Will you follow me ” with Georgia Mos
TIDAL – Partyalarm
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