July 24, 2023 pullnway

Voice Swap AI

Find my AI based voice model

People..! I’ve some exciting news for you! I’m now officially a part of the very first voice swap AI that has music artist compensation at the top! This means that my voice is now available for all kinds of demo recordings. Simply upload your own vocal recording and get it replaced with my voice model! Not to mention, my voice model works in any language! How crazy is that? It’s insane, mindblowing & I’m absolutely grateful for this opportunity.

Becoming a mother changed my singing career a lot, but with this tool, my legacy stays alive, only with the power of AI! So if you have a vocal recording, simply swap it with my voice!

I can’t wait to get started on this project. For official releases or featurings using my model, simply send a license request via the official page.
Thanks to DJ Fresh, Voice-Swap-AI and Andy Prinz for making this happen! Simply surf to https://www.voice-swap.ai/our-artists where you can find my model and other great models by stars such as Ayah Marar or Liam Bailey!

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