December 17, 2022 Andy Prinz

Truth Unfolds – NFT Drop

My first NFT is available NOW!

Hey folks… I have a suprise for you – a previously unreleased song I’ve made together with LA based film composer Imre Czomba and Andy Prinz – which is right now excusively available as a limited music NFT on the new platform
Grab you copy of this fairytale-like song “Truth Unfolds”! And of course, let me know your thoughts!

About this NFT drop:

When Mylène posted her behind the scenes video of her single “Inside Out” on, she didn’t know that there was a competition going on where Imre was the juror. All of a sudden Mylène got a message from the platform saying, that her song had won a prize! That’s how the initial contact was made. Both Andy (producer) and Mylène (Pull n Way) thought it would be awesome to create a new song together with Imre who is a film composer based in Los Angeles (he’s from Hungary). Because of the long distance and Covid, both teams worked remotely on this new song “Truth Unfolds” which hasn’t been released yet and is now exclusively available as an NFT on HYPERY.
Mylène is currently taking a little break because she just became a teacher and young Mum in spring this year. So this song and collaboration is quite unique, also style-wise. You could call it Cinematic-Pop.

To release this song as an exclusive NFT is a first time experience and experiment for both Pull n Way and Imre, as it brings together 2 fanbases in a totally unknown territory and ecosystem. And last but not least, it perfectly fits the Winter season with its lyrics and fairytale like sounds.


Label Copy information:

ISRC: CH4072100005
artists: Imre Czomba & Pull n Way
title: Truth Unfolds
ISRC: CH4072100005
written by Imre Czomba, Andy Prinz & Mylène Gillian Schuler
published by Copyright Control & Edition Pull n Way
produced by Imre Czomba & Andy Prinz
mastered by Sefi Carmel
vocals by Mylène Gillian Schuler aka Pull n Way
all rights reserved by their respective owners and publishers


Truth Unfolds (NFT)

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