April 4, 2023 pullnway

New Pull n Way Single

Cinematic pop song “Truth Unfolds”

Dear followers and friends – the previously unreleased song “Truth Unfolds” I’ve made together with LA based film composer Imre Czomba and Andy Prinz – is finally out on all major DSP’s such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Amazon Music & YouTube Music.
Grab you copy of this fairytale-like song “Truth Unfolds” as MusicNFT on HYPERY or listen/download via this link: https://bfan.link/truth-unfolds

“Truth Unfolds” is an excellent example of how music can transcend boundaries and bring people together, regardless of their cultural background or musical preferences. Different musical genres can also be seen as a reflection of diverse cultural influences on contemporary music.” (Imre)

“With powerful and inspiring lyrics such as “tide is rising” and “earth is shaking,” the song conveys a hopeful twist which reminds us that truth is always unfolding. We are inspired to grow, keep our eyes open, and remain deeply connected to the universe because of it. Collaborating with a film music composer makes this project even more special. It creates a fairy tale-like scene in our minds”. (Mylène)

“It was an honor for me when Imre, who is a brilliant composer, agreed to join Mylène and me in a collaboration. We sent ideas and recordings back and forth between Zurich and LA, and soon realized that we had created something magical, an emotionally powerful ballad that had airy vocals, orchestral elements, contemporary synthesizers, arranged like a pop song but with a more soundtrack-like arrangement, blending genres into something very honest and unique. “(Andy)

artists: Imre Czomba & Pull n Way
title: Truth Unfolds
ISRC: CH4072100005
written by Imre Czomba, Andy Prinz & Mylène Gillian Schuler
published by Copyright Control & Edition Pull n Way
produced by Imre Czomba & Andy Prinz
mastered by Sefi Carmel
vocals by Mylène Gillian Schuler aka Pull n Way
all rights reserved by their respective owners and publishers


Truth Unfolds (NFT)

GRAMMY Consideration


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