February 21, 2020 pullnway

New 3-track EP by the Swiss Electro Pop Girlduo and an homage to Winter

“Facing the challenge of making tough decisions and dealing with a broad range of feelings – this is what our new “White Darkness” EP reflects! As the rain poured down and the first snowflakes fell, we tried to reveal our innerself and we opened the door to our subsconsciousness, digging more in darker topics than usually. It felt like all 3 songs on the EP have written themselves and made us more mature, both as human beings and artists. From a lyrical point of view, these 3 heart-to-heart ballads are by far the most emotional songs we’ve ever created.”

The official music video of “FADING” is out now!
Click below to listen to WHITE DARKNESS! Some playlists featuring EP tracks include NEW MUSIC FRIDAY Switzerland or SWISS MADE on Spotify


White Darkness - Out nowWhite Darkness - Out nowWhite Darkness - Out now

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