June 2, 2019 pullnway

Promo tour, live gigs

Since we released our debut album colours, we‘re constantly in the field to create, to perform or to give loads of interviews!
It all started on the 29th of march, where we went on promotour, throughout Switzerland, and visited a lot of radio stations, such as radio SRF, radio sunshine, radio Pilatus, radio Südostschweiz etc.
This day was just surreal, as we were finally able to show our work, processed throughout the last year, combined with loads of emotions and love.
Not to forget to mention our single release Memento, plus our selfmade videoclip, which turned out surprisingly good!

A few more interviews through the other weeks, continued with a thrilling experience at the oneFM starnight 2019, where we were invited for a live interview, and asked to perform two songs for the crowd waiting outside. Absolutely crazy to perform in such an atmosphere. Feeling so blessed!

Went ahead with an interview for radio ticino & a live performance during Notte Bianca!
Despite the weather, and some technical issues, it was just crazy, to experience the feeling of freshness and pureness, to be on stage again! No words to describe how delighted we get, when we are in the position to express all our songs and emotions to the audience directly!
We can’t wait for what’s coming next!

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