September 24, 2018 pullnway

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First of all a big THANK YOU to all playlist curators who have put our current single You & Me into their lists on Spotify – we have over 50 (!) playlists for the song so far. This is huuuge 🙂

Last weekend we starting shooting our first professional music video with the Zurich based video company ATLAZ FILMS. We’re totally over the moon and can’t wait to share it with you in a couple of weeks.

The song “Anything” is probably one of the best tunes we’ve ever recorded, so this song def. deserves a proper video for it. Release date is not 100% fixed yet, but should happen on October 26 2018. We’re sooo excited!
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stay tuned!
much love… Jana & Mylène aka Pull n Way


Pull n Way “Anything”

Written by Dan Scholes & Paul Coxhead



I’ve been thinking about this for so long
About what you do to me
I’ve been praying for a change that never comes
I’m so scared of what you feel


I don’t know what it is you really want
But I’m desperate for the truth
I’m so tired of second guessing
Do you feel love like I do?


Cos I would do anything
I would lay my heart on the line for you
I would do anything if you want this too


I would do anything
If I could make you see what you do to me
I would do anything, you know I would
We could be the stars aligned
We could be the sunlight in the rain
Don’t wanna be a lonely tide
As it drifts away

Verse 3

Is there someone else you’re dreamin of?
Is she giving you what you need?
It’s the doubt that cuts me up inside
Don’t know how to stop the bleed

Repeat Pre-chorus

Repeat Chorus


I will keep holding on
I will keep holding on
I will keep holding on
For you

Repeat Chorus

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